Celebrating National Work Life Week!

Posted: Sun, Oct 7, 2018 7:32 PM

Angela Sterling is an experienced MFL teacher who has taught in schools within the UK and Internationally throughout her career. When her daughter was born in 2010, Angela found her options for returning to teaching to be limited as she had no family help for childcare.

Angela says: “I love languages and I love teaching but so much of your own time goes into the job and I didn’t want to sacrifice that time with my baby girl. I decided to set up Lingotot in my local area so that I could do what I loved, while still spending that time with her. It was fantastic but I quickly realised that I wasn’t alone in this.”

The success of Lingotot grew quickly and by the time her second daughter was born, Angela was able to franchise. Operating a franchise with two children under the age of two, a husband who worked away from home and no help with childcare was certainly a challenge, but Angela used her own experiences to support and mentor her growing network of franchisees and tutors, enabling them to build successful businesses that worked around their family lives.

Angela continues: “I know what it’s like to start a business with a top covered in baby vomit and I know the pull of trying to be at the school gates or that school assembly. I love helping my franchisees navigate the choppy waters of finding that elusive work-life balance and I think we do a great job!”

Melissa Down from Lingotot Southampton has said: “I feel like Lingotot does understand how it’s franchisees want to flexible and have a work life balance that fits around their families, because that is exactly what our Franchisor was doing when she founded it. She knows exactly what it is like, so puts herself into our shoes. Everything is done so that we can work around it. Whenever I need help, I get it straight away.  I’ve never had a problem that hasn’t been solved.”

Liz Burdis from Lingotot Hertford has said: “I operate my business part time as it offers me the best balance between teaching fun lessons and being able to spend time with my own boys - I’ve never yet had to miss my son’s first day of nursery, his first nativity play, etc - all things I would have missed if I wasn’t part of Lingotot!”

Angela continues: “The vast majority of our network are mothers who are looking for a professional yet family friendly and flexible careers. Many come from teaching backgrounds where a great deal of their evenings and weekends were being eaten up with planning and marking. It’s such a lot of pressure and robs you of precious downtime so family friendly working is at the absolute heart of every part of our business.”

National Work Life Week was created by Working Families as an opportunity to focus on wellbeing at work and that all important work life balance. As it draws to a close and we reflect on it's message, we feel very proud to be able to offer a business opportunity with family friendly working initiatives at its very heart.