Franchise Focus: Lingotot Bexley

Posted: Mon, Feb 13, 2023 5:56 PM

In 2023 we are highlighting the work of some of our wonderful franchisees! Our February #FranchiseFocus is Sarah Canavan from #LingototBexley 

A little bit about Sarah…
Sarah can speak French, German and Spanish and has a masters degree! She trained as a translator and interpreter before going into finance. Sarah worked for a large American bank before finding her way to her Lingotot family in 2016. She is a married mum with a son and a daughter.

Sarah is a Superhero!

…quite literally! She loves dressing up to lead her classes, but we think she's a superhero for loads of different reasons! First of all this lady understands the work/life juggle! As well as being an amazing mum and wife, Sarah runs Lingotot Bexley (a multi-territory franchise no less!) leading a team of 8 staff. On top of that she co-owns Lingotot Dartford with Jaclyn of Lingotot Gravesend. Sarah is a massive friend to the local community, the council even ask her to take on the official role of #Bexley Community Champion during covid. She supports lots of community groups, events and local businesses and has been spotted with the Mayor of Bexley! Finally she is our very own Community Champion. Sarah helps support other Lingotot franchisees and teachers, not just with classes we do in the community, but she looks after our own community, checking on the wellbeing of everyone and helping develop staff.

Sarah created #LingototGenerations!

Have you heard about Lingotot Generations? It's where we teach in care homes and we bring children, parents and residents together to sing, have fun and experience the joys of a new language experience together! And Sarah invented it! Click on the thumbnail to hear all about it!

Sarah's classes...

Sarah teaches all kinds of classes and you can find out more about them here. We are focussing on three types here. Holiday Camps where children enjoy active language learning involving cooking, crafts, languages challenges and more! Community Classes where we bring language learning joy to lots of little faces every week. Sarah loves watching how parents respond! And finally teaching in schools...Does your child's school need a languages teacher? Sarah and her team can help!

If you would like to follow Sarah and her team on social media, click below for your favourite platform



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