Key languages required for successful Brexit according to the British Council

Posted: Sun, Nov 19, 2017 3:02 PM

The British Council has come up with a list of the top 5 languages the UK will need after Brexit – Spanish, Mandarin, French, Arabic and German...and Lingotot teaches them all!

Mandarin and Arabic will be of key importance to the UK’s future prosperity after Brexit, according to a new report. The UK will need these two languages, as well as European languages including Spanish, French and German, in order to be a major international trading partner beyond Europe.

However the report by the British Council warns that the UK is facing a languages deficit and we urgently need to upgrade the nation's skills.

The study identifies Spanish as the top language the UK will need once it leaves the EU, followed by Mandarin Chinese, French, Arabic and German – based on a range of economic, geopolitical, cultural and educational factors.

Official figures have shown a continued drop off in French and German A-level entries this summer, while the numbers taking Spanish rose slightly. There were increases in entries for a number of other foreign languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Italian.

At GCSE, there was a 9.9% fall in entries for French this year, compared to last, with numbers plummeting by more than a quarter since 2010, while German saw a 13.2% fall compared to last year, and the numbers are down by more than a third since 2010.

The report calls for a bold new policy to improve foreign language learning, and suggests that languages be given the same priority as maths and science in schools.

Vicky Gough, of the British Council, said: “Languages are invaluable for a generation growing up in an increasingly connected world. If the UK is to be truly global post-Brexit, languages must become a national priority. There are few more important languages for the UK’s future prosperity than Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Arabic and German.

“At a time when global connections matter more than ever, it is worrying that the UK is facing a languages deficit. We cannot afford the apathy around the need for languages to continue and must champion these skills. If we don’t act to tackle this shortfall, we’re set to lose out both economically and culturally.”

Lingotot founder, Angela Sterling wholeheartedly agrees that urgent action is required, "Language learning is crucial to the success of the UK post-Brexit. The government needs to ensure that schools are in the best possible position to support our future linguists.

"At Lingotot we identified this need some years ago and introduced French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic from birth to age 11. We have worked very hard to ensure our courses are of the highest possible standard and we are proud to be able to offer accreditation at primary school for all 5 of these crucial languages.

"Our courses are accredited by NCFE, an OfQual regulated awarding body."

The multi award winning business, which was established in 2010, provides pre and primary school aged accredited language classes in French, German, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin and now teaches more than 12,000 children each week through its growing franchise network.

If you would like your child, school or nursery to become Brexit-ready, we'd love to help support you. Please contact Lingotot to arrange a free taster class in your chosen language.

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