Lingotot Awarded GOLD CAA Accreditation

Posted: Fri, Oct 20, 2017 9:18 AM

We have had some FANTASTIC news for the whole Lingotot family today as we were awarded GOLD fully accredited membership of the Children's Activities Association

This means that our teaching programme, processes and procedures have all been independently verified as having met or exceeded the CAA Code of Practice giving parents absolute confidence the activities and sessions that we provide. 

To achieve Gold status, Lingotot completed 5 accreditation modules covering compliance, training, customer service, programme and delivery.  We also had a visit to confirm all policies and evidence is in order from the independent accrediting organisation, Fundamentally Children led by Dr Amanda Gummer PhD.

This is significant achievement and the ONLY independent accreditation for children's activities in the UK.

The accreditation team said, “It was delightful watching the children do the actions whilst learning body parts, counting, colours or high and low.  They were engaged throughout and each child was individually identified when they did something well.  This is a great way to improve their self-esteem. 

It was refreshing that the class leader used no piped music but sang all the songs A Capella.  It was a lovely session to observe.”

Well done to everyone at Lingotot - it really is a team effort so we are all delighted and super proud!!!

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