Local Eastbourne mum Sarah founds new language business, Lingotot Eastbourne

Posted: Thu, Apr 1, 2021 12:18 PM

Look out Eastbourne, Lingotot has arrived! Sarah O’Flaherty recently founded language business Lingotot Eastbourne in her local area. Lingotot Eastbourne provides language classes to children aged 0-11 in French and Spanish in community classes, day nurseries, KS1 & KS2 at primary school (PPA), lunch and after school clubs as well as holiday camps. Read on to find out more Sarah’s journey and her new business. 

Tell us a bit more about yourself

I lived my whole childhood life in Eastbourne, and am a true Eastbournian. I first started learning French at age 2 at nursery school, through songs and games (much like Lingotot now! ).  I continued French at school and then at secondary school took up Spanish, German and Portuguese. My love for languages grew very quickly and I was particularly interested in the cultural aspects of each language and how languages are formed and evolve. I went on to study French and Hispanic studies at University during which time I lived in Paris teaching children, and this is where I discovered my love for teaching children and seeing their faces light up when they learn something new! After University I moved to Madrid for five years where I taught French and English to students of all ages and levels, even the Spanish Air Force! I loved my time there and it solidified that teaching was for me. After becoming a mum, and then a single mum I moved back to the UK to be closer to family , and due to having young children at home, for the last few years I have been translating from home in the evenings/nighttime to work around looking after them, up until the beginning of this year when I started Lingotot Eastbourne. 

Where did you hear about Lingotot?

I first heard about Lingotot when I first moved back to the UK, through Facebook! I had it in my mind all this time, however it was never the right time and I didnt have the hours in the day to start a business! Now with my eldest child starting school and the youngest at nursery, I have a little bit more time to myself to achieve my goals. Another big plus for me is being able to be there for my children whilst also showing them a good work ethic.

What attracted you to their classes? 

Lingotot classes are very much centred around the way I learn best , through doing the thing and throwing yourself into it! The children are surrounded by the language from day one through the things they love best! (Singing, dancing, games and stories). The method is tried and tested, and fits in very well with my personal teaching style which is all singing, all dancing and energetic! I also love that the community classes act as not only a class for the children, but a chance for parents and mums to interact and get a little bit of learning as well. And of course being in Eastbourne, Lingotot Generations, set up by one of our fab franchisees Sarah Canavan, is something I am really keen to integrate into Lingotot Eastbourne just as soon as we are able to within Covid guidelines. Lingotot Generations is an intergenerational class within care homes and nursing homes, based on studies into the benefits of children and the elderly interacting, and research showing that a second language can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. I am very keen to make Lingotot Eastbourne a community centred business. 

Tell us a bit more about your business

Lingotot Eastbourne will be launching right away after the Easter holidays with a community launch party and two home education taster sessions. After this there will be 4 weekly community classes on offer, something to suit everyone. Of course with covid guidelines, numbers will be slightly restricted and there will be protocols in place. However the classes will still be jam-packed with games, songs, stories and a good atmosphere! To book your free place simply head to this link and all the details are on our page! 

We will also be running after school clubs in local schools as well as helping schools and nurseries with their MFL provision by delivering classes directly and providing CPD for staff. 

And as I said earlier, as soon as we’re allowed to, we will also have a Lingotot Generations launch. 

What is your favourite thing about running a Lingotot business?

I am a strong believer of the power of personality and of the people making the business, and I was drawn to Lingotot because the CEO and founder, Angela, is such a lovely, personable lady, and the “Lingotot family” as it were have already been a huge support. I aim to conduct my business in exactly the same way by being myself, being kind and forming relationships with people within my community. Lingotot is a fantastic way for me to combine all of my skills (teaching children, languages and music) and work around my children’s school schedules etc, which is so important as a single mother! And I also love the community aspect and the idea of being that place that a lonely mum goes to feel included, or the activity that a care home resident looks forward to and is excited about in the week. 

Find out more about Lingotot Eastbourne here or contact them at eastbourne@lingotot.com. If you have been inspired by Sarah’s story and want to learn more about setting up your own language business, you can find out more here