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Lingotot Language Classes for Kids
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About Lingotot

Meet Angela, Lingotot Founder...

Angela is a fully qualified and experienced languages teacher as well as a multi award-winning businesswoman. Angela founded Lingotot after working as Head of Primary Languages in schools across the UK and internationally. She loved teaching and 3 of her pupils ranked in the top 10 in the world for their GCSEs! Despite loving her teaching career, she dreamed of delivering classes which were more interactive and child-centered and Lingotot was born! Angela started Lingotot when her eldest daughter was 7 weeks old and franchised as her second daughter arrived. She still loves teaching and also helping franchisees set up their own Lingotot businesses. As well as being the Managing Director of Lingotot she continues to run her own  successful Lingotot Franchise.

10 Reasons to learn a language with Lingotot

1. Effective and Fun.

Language learning at school usually revolves around sitting in chairs and teachers providing grammar and structures for children to use. Our programme has been developed to focus on what kids like to do and then to do these activities in another language, with plenty of repetition and structure.

2. Learning through Play.

Play is at the heart of Lingotot sessions. Babies and young children learn, grow and have fun through play. Lingotot sessions help them understand the world and other cultures. Singing songs, reading together and having fun with friends gives them a head start to develop socially and emotionally.

3. English is Not Enough.

Our global community means it is vital to be able to communicate with other communities around the world.

4. Early is Better.

If it’s introduced early and well, children pick up a second language naturally, just like they learn their mother tongue, instead of learning it in “second language” mode like we do as adults - constantly translating from one language to another in our heads! We recommend you watch this video.

5. All Round Educational Boost.

Research suggests that children who know two languages can gain an academic and social advantage over those who speak only one. Children have an amazing ability to learn language and this happens best when it is interactive, engaging, child-centered.

6. Excellent Communication Skills.

Speaking and Listening are the cornerstone to literacy development. A broad and rich language curriculum ensures such skills are developed, leading to a good start in phonic work. In fact, Lingotot can introduce young learners to foreign- language letter sounds!

7. Increased Self-Esteem.

Children love being able to communicate in another language. Our classes encourage talking, imitating, play-acting and sharing their language skills right from the first lesson. Children and adults alike make lots of new like-minded friends too!

8. Prepare Them for the Future.

Competence in foreign languages is increasingly valued by universities. Languages is compulsory in English primary schools, with Scotland soon to follow. A language is a compulsory element of the EBacc

9. Acquire a Lifelong Advantage.

Learning another language offers a lifetime of possibilities and adventure. In later life, knowing another language not only helps you make friends, finding jobs etc, it can also help stave off illnesses such as Alzheimer’s

10. Learn a Language Together!

Lingotot sessions benefit the whole family. Parents and children learn, play and bond together. The sessions are designed for you to attend with your child so that you can be fully engaged with their learning and carry on using new language together at home.

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